Core Solutions

Core Solutions

BlessingWhite helps equip leaders at all levels to up their game. By weaving together instructional design, online tools, external partner content and client specific information, we deliver high-impact leadership training that are tailored to your specific situation.

Senior Executive

Why Should Anyone Be Led by YOU?

Using real business issues, this program teaches leaders how to adjust and communicate authentically to their followers to create an engaged and excited workforce.Read More »

The Leader in 2025

The Leader in 2025 is a leadership development experience that helps leaders identify and understand some of the biggest workplace trends that are having an impact on business today. Such trends include a Multi-gen workforce, Wearable tech, Social Media, Globalization, Virtual teams, Social Learning, Gamification, etc.Read More »

Middle Executive

Helping Others Succeed

Helping Others Succeed is a process that equips leaders at all levels to actively engage employees in individualized performance, engagement and career coaching.Read More »

Leading Technical People+

Leading Technical People+ is designed to equip managers with skills and strategies for engaging and unleashing the knowledge, expertise, independence, and confidence of today’s specialized knowledge workers.Read More »

Professional Development Suite

Most leaders are moving so fast, juggling tasks and responsibilities, that they often overlook the primary vehicle for helping take people and the organization to the next level — themselves! BlessingWhite’s Professional Development Suite offers an array of one-day programs designed to provide managers with an opportunity to focus on their approach and sharpen specific skills. This investment in your leaders will ensure their own success, the success of the people they manage, and the success of the organization at large.

Building High Performing Teams

See how team interventions, a compelling purpose, and setting key outcomes can help your team perform.Read More »

Taking Control of Your Engagement

Every person, ultimately, has responsibility for his or her own engagement. Employees must be clear on what matters to them before they can take control of their job satisfaction and career success.Read More »

Employee Engagement Survey

BlessingWhite’s employee engagement survey is designed to provide practical, actionable insights and a framework for driving shared accountability and action to increase employee engagement levels every day.Read More »

MPG: Managing Professional Growth

MPG® is a process that incorporates exclusive feedback, analysis, planning and dialogue tools for enthusiastically delivering on personal and organisational goals.Read More »