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blessingwhitebuildingSince 1973, organizations around the world have relied upon BlessingWhite
for cutting-edge consulting and inspiring leadership development processes to create sustainable, high-performing organizations. We were founded on the belief that organizations achieve excellence when both leaders and employees are clear on expectations, excited to perform at the highest level, and engaged to take ownership for their performance. Focused on translating business strategy to results, BlessingWhite provides assessments, coaching, and development solutions that unleash the potential in all your employees through a culture of authentic leadership and alignment with your goals and strategy.

At BlessingWhite,

  • We are experts at developing leaders at all levels who can manage the business and
    inspire employees.
  • We know what it takes to engage employees to commit, deliver, and thrive.
  • We are known for creating and delivering relevant, engaging, and impactful solutions.

We are proud of being nominated   by as one of the Top 20 Leadership Training Companies every year since 2010. Leadership Excellence magazine has recognized Blessing White as one of the top 20 leadership companies for several consecutive years. And we have helped our CLIENTs achieve recognition, too – for example, Dave DeFilippo at Bank of New York Mellon was recently awarded top honors by Chief Learning Officer for an executive coaching initiative with Blessing White.

On six continents, in thousands of organizations, and with over two million participants, BlessingWhite has helped organizations like yours tackle the complex challenges of leadership, culture, values, and performance to sustain competitive advantage. As a global, employee-owned organization, we are broad enough to support worldwide implementations and nimble enough to respond to unique short-term needs. Our network of consultants includes speakers of more than a dozen languages with specific industry/sector knowledge and experience working with senior executives. We count 300+ organizations as recent CLIENTs, many of which are recognized for their high-performance cultures. More than 85% of these organizations have partnered with us every year for the past 5 years.

blessingwhitekinerjaIn September 21,  2015, Blessing White  officially appointed PT Kinerja Unggul Nusantara (KINERJA) as the single license holder in Indonesia and ready to help clients from various industry and size in the country.

In October 2012 BlessingWhite became part of GP Strategies, a global performance improvement company and a leader in sales and technical training, e-learning solutions, management consulting, and engineering services. GP Strategies equips and enables companies by:

  • Developing and delivering learning services, solutions, and technologies to make people and processes more effective and efficient
  • Capturing an organization’s “tribal knowledge” to constantly build the knowledge assets
  • Applying specialized knowledge and expertise within organizations, to promote risk management and company value
  • Engineering solutions that help companies run with greater efficiency
  • Improve organizational effectiveness through innovative and knowledgeable training, consulting, and business improvement services customized to meet specific needs.

With offices throughout North and Latin America, Europe, and Asia, GP Strategies is strategically positioned to serve you at your locations around the world – be it with the deployment of BlessingWhite solutions around leadership and employee engagement, or any of the other areas that GP Strategies specializes in.